The Archival Appraisal of Moving Images: a RAMP study with guidelines


  • Forward
  • 1. History and Organization of Moving Image Archives
  • 2. Appraisal Standards and Archival Theory
  • 3. Typology of Archival Moving Images
  • 4. Appraisal Policies and Practices
  • 5. Records Management and the Appraisal of Moving Images
  • 6. Related Documentation
  • 7. Conclusions and Guidelines
  • Bibliography.

This work presents a comparative study of past and present appraisal, selection and retention policies and practices for moving image collections. The study, divided into five distinct subjects, was commissioned by the International Council on Archives. It provides an historical overview of the development of moving image archives (film as well as broadcast) and their related international associations FIAF and FIAT; presents a survey of traditional appraisal standards; proposes a typology of archival moving images; reviews, on a national basis, some actual appraisal policies and practices in action at the time the study was commissioned (1983); discusses the role retention schedules could play and ends with a large selection of related documentation.

Although this study is almost 30 years old it remains one of the bulwarks of moving image archive management. It is useful because it presents traditional archival appraisal theory within the specific moving image archive context. It is essential reading for moving image archive students and recommended reading for moving image archivists responsible for developing and carrying out selection and appraisal tasks.