Media Preservation Survey: A Report


  • Foreword
  • List of Tables
  • Executive Summary
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Units with Media Holdings
  • 3 Media Types and Formats
  • 4 Preservation Risk: Degradation and Obsolescence
  • 5 Research Value
  • 6 Reformatting
  • 7 Discovery, Use and Growth
  • 8 Storage
  • 9 Campus Resources
  • 10 Conclusion: Campus Needs and Recommendations
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix A: Survey Methodology.

This study identifies the characteristics and condition of audio, video, and motion picture film on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. It presents data on the numbers, general condition, and preservation risk associated with these holdings while also addressing such topics as backups, research value, discovery and use of recordings, storage, and campus resources and needs. The data was gathered by undertaking a project entitled the IUB Media Preservation Survey funded by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

This survey report is valuable reading for a variety of users: for preservation advocates, as a model of how to convince appropriate stakeholders (management level decision makers and funders especially) to support the development of a long-term preservation system (not just a project); for audiovisual archivists, by providing specific guidance on how to determine the risk factors of certain media types and research value in order to prioritize which collection holdings must be dealt with first; for communications staff looking at how to present detailed findings in a convincing and attractive form; for staff planning a survey of holdings, by clearly presenting the steps taken, emphasizing the amount of preparation needed and providing a methodology to use; and for personnel departments ultimately responsible for hiring the expertise needed to staff a professional preservation system.