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  • What’s new today? is a portal where native film makers can upload their movies and news for free. The films should reflect a native view on a subject. This portal aims to bring native peoples worldwide in contact with each other, as well as to inform those interested in environmental and human rights issues the native peoples have to deal with. The inuit production company started with this initiative. The project is being financed by Canadian Heritage and Telefilm Canada. Known users can start a personal website within the portal to create a personal channel for their audiovisual content. Visitors can search the site via free text search, filter on content type (video, channels, audio, images, text) or browse through the online collection per theme. The website is not dated, but available since 2007.

Easy-to-use example of a thematic website for AV cultural heritage resources with the option for users to add their own recordings and news to the site (crowdsourcing). This way the cultural heritage of native peoples is kept alive and in the picture. Browsing the online collection per thema is rather slow, probably due to the size of the digital archive.