Matters in Media Art: Collaborating towards the care of time-based media


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A website developed by the Matters in Media Art Project, a collaborative project started in 2003 by a consortium of curators, conservators, registrars and media technical managers from the New Art Trust, MoMA, SFMOMA and Tate. Its goal is to provide guidelines for care of time-based media works of art (e.g., video, film, audio and computer based installations). The project aims to raise awareness of the requirements of these works and to provide a practical response to the need for international agreement among museums. The site currently offers guidance in two areas: acquisition and loans. It includes downloadable templates for use during critical information gathering periods in all phases of these two areas.

The site is designed to aid artists, collectors and dealers and museums. It is particularly valuable for its practical, operational level guidance, offered in a clearly structured manner. The information and templates are useful for small as well as large institutions.