Local Television: A Guide to Saving our Heritage


  • Section 1: Twenty Questions (to judge your station’s historical quotient)
  • Section 2: Next Steps Toward Saving Our Local Television Heritage
  • Section 3: Resources, Where to go for Help
  • Section 4: Case Studies of Saved Local Television Collections.

This guide provides guidance on managing local television collections in a practical way.

A practical guide on how to establish an audiovisual archive targetting local television collection managers responsible for selection and assessment operations. Although it focuses on local television broadcasters, the guide is usable in other contexts. It helps managers form the right questions concerning goals and strategy, selection, description, rights, use and financial requirements. Even physical and administrative issues are addressed. The four case studies include good examples of cooperation between diverse parties. The reference list, with websites and publications, is arranged by subject. The tips are in general U.S. oriented, making them a little less relevant outside of that context.