Case Study: Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunal

This webinar focuses on the audiovisual preservation efforts at the United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals within the larger context of an institution that is transitioning from an active operating court to an archive. David Rowntree speaks about the digital preservation system that has recently been acquired (early stages of implementation), the Tribunal’s requirements for the system, and the special considerations (both technical and legal) inherent in their audiovisual judicial recordings.

Presenter: David Rowntree – Certified Archivist with the Academy of Certified Archivists and owner of Archival Media Consulting (AMC)

David Rowntree has worked as an audiovisual archivist for close to 15 years, working with film and media collections in university libraries, archives, radio and television stations and most recently with the United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (The Hague).

About the Winter School for AV Archiving

The Winter School is an initiative from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. It provides audiovisual collection managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement or improve the digital preservation management of their audiovisual collections. This edition of the Winter School focuses on implementing preservation policies.