Adapting university education in a digital and globally networked world

Since 2003, the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program (MIAP) at New York University has graduated nearly 90 new moving image preservation professionals. Practices for moving image archiving and preservation have changed dramatically since the programme began. In addition, ‘born-digital’ productions have become the norm. Thus, MIAP has needed to continually adapt to the increasingly broad nature of heritage collections, and to new approaches and practices aimed at maintaining perpetual access to moving image works. In addition, MIAP has encouraged these professionals to understand their work in a global context and to approach international collaborations in a spirit of exchange. Changes in MIAP have been informed by a set of principles present from the beginning of the programme, by an early and continued emphasis on a full spectrum of media types and by projects and initiatives undertaken by faculty, staff, students and alumni.


This article is part of the book ‘SOIMA: Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage